Saad Rizwan-

Saad Rizwan is a very competitive and brilliant student. He is about 5.3′ feet long and has big, bushy hair. He is one of the most stellar students of class 8B3. He’s favorite subject is Science and he likes to play football. He also likes to play cricket, volleyball basketball and much more.



Omar Tarek-

Omar Tarek is one of the best students of learning bay 8B3. He is  a really brilliant and well-behaved student. He likes to play football and is truly an awesome football player. He’s favorite subject is Arabic and Islamic. 8B3 would not have been completely a class without our friend, Omar Tarek.


Moustafa Ala’a-

One of the most brilliant student of our class. He is also a very good sportsman. He plays football, basketball, volleyball and more. He very well-behaved and good-looking too.


Nafiz Inteaz-

Nafiz is the pick-brain of our class. He is the most intelligent person in our class and also hard-working. He likes to do maths and read books. He also likes to play video games in his iPad and make presentation whenever he finds time in the school.


Saffat Ahmed-

Saffat is the class blog administrator and also the tallest student in year 8. He is a very smart student and also hard-working. He likes to play basketball in school and cricket after school.


Yousef Mohammad-

Yousef is a very active and hard-working student. A very creative and funny student. He only likes to play football. He is very friendly to all and likes all his teachers and subjects.


Zafir Khalid-

Zafir is a very brilliant and creative student. He is really good in English though he likes Science more than all other subjects. He is a really good goalkeeper in football and also is the U-14 school team goalkeeper.


Vincent Max:-

Vincent is a very hard-working and smart student. Whenever he is given some school work, academic or non-academic, he accepts and finishes his work as fast as possible. He is also very good and quick in solving maths.


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