Teachers Day is celebrated on the 5th of October all over the world but was celebrated on the 3rd of October as school was closed for the weekends on the 5th of October. During the teachers day in our school, students from higher grades teaches the lower grades while the teachers enjoy and celebrate this particular day that is meant for them.

It was nice being a student teacher for the first time. I taught grade 6 geography on the topic ‘How are mountains formed’. It was quite hard  to  teach the students for the first time but in the end it went out well. I felt good about it. The students of grade 6 enjoyed the lesson.

-By Nicholas Chris

Anti-Bullying Camping

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” was said by Theodore Roosevelt. If you read it carefully then you will understand that it’s really close to describing a bully. They are very kind in front of the teachers but behind them they trouble others who are smaller than him. Actually it’s not completely their fault because the children who get bullied do not stand up for themselves which encourages their behavior. All we can do is encourage the children to stand up for themselves and discourage the bullies habit.

-By Saad Rizwan

Leadership Collaboration Day

Leadership Collaboration Day is an event celebrated in our school to honer the students who have been appointed as part of the class core council and the student council.

Getting a role doesn’t make you a leader, being a leader is what gives you the role. 

Leadership is not just a word it’s a gift, a gift that’s made to help everyone else to guide everyone else and help them with their decisions. Being a good leader requires you to have intelligence, guidance and co-operation because to make good decisions you need to hear everyone out.

When I got chosen as the head of prefects I felt happy because I wanted to be a leader but still stay in the shadows, I am not a person who enjoys fame but I love to help people expecting nothing in return and I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life.


-by Waleed Mohammed

Awards Day

Awards day. A special day for students who are gifted in academics. A special day for students of the Westminster school to be awarded for something great they did for the school. Something they did to contribute the school. Something they did for themselves or for their friends. An event done by the students for the students. A special day to bring a smile to the faces of the students who deserve it.

The awards day 2012-2013 was a magnificent day for many students. Students getting awarded, special guests giving inspirational speach and many more. The  special guests were: Mr. Adnan Al-Talyani, U.A.E national football team player, Mr. Neville Sherman and his family, Mr & Mrs.Kingston Gilbert and their daughter in-law.

There were also many programs to entertain the audience such as the Arabic dance, the mind dance by the Silent Steppers, fencing display and so on. There were also refreshment to satisfy the guests. It was a brilliant day and won’t be forgotten by the awardees!!!

-by Saffat Ahmed


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